A Multi-Media box: movies, tv shows, music, video games, home automation, desktop pc........

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  • The Fore-Front of Home Entertainment

    Access thousands of free and open television shows and movies from providers!. The Guru Media Box offers hours of entertainment and the best part is that it will cost you absolutely nothing once you own one!

  • Fun for the whole Family!

    Return to nostaligic days and play the games that you played as a kid with your kids. Kodi has access to home media, thousands of shows and movies for the entire family.

  • Affordable and Easy to Use!

    Cut your cable bill, find educational documentaries and information direct by providers. Update your games with a USB drive and customize as you see fit!


Kodi allows for open source 3rd party plugins that attach to 1000's of media streams. Your Media Box comes ready for all of the latest and popular add-ons!

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Enjoy all of your music on the Media Box. Listen to radio stations, national public radio. Enjoy lectures and access education material from apple itunes without having to login to an itunes account. Get the music you need to get throught the day!

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Game Stations

Coming stock with Emulation Station and having emulators for Atari, Intellivision, Nintendo, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation, N64 and many more! All games have a simple and beautiful interface including game information!

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