Retropie - Adding Roms

  • Backing up your cartridges to roms

    Using a retrode you can legally copy your cartridges into roms to play them on your media box.

  • Transfering your roms

    Using a usb flash drive you can transfer your games onto your micro sd card.

  • Scraping for art

    Using the built in data scraper you can download game descriptions and cover art to build a rich visual environment.

Making Cartridges to Roms

To get your cartidges to roms you will need to use a retrode device. For more information on how they work watch the following video.

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Transferring Roms

Once you have backed up your cartidges into rom files you can easily transfer them using a usb stick. You can watch this video to help you out!

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Scraping for Art

Now that all your games are on your unit you can add art that includes a description of the game with images.

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